Defence and Scaling

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Defence and Scaling

Post by Rockitt » 12 Jan 2006, 13:09

Statesman has commented on changes to defence based sets: ... =1#4512499

Some more good news...

Ice Tankers and SR Scrappers have long lamented that Defense doesn't scale with level. Because mobs higher level than a player possess an inherent to hit bonus, Defense isn't as effective over levels as Resistance.

A while ago, peoople have requested something be done. Well, we've done a bunch of work and done this. Defense powers will now work equally well against critters, regardless of their rank or level. For instance, your defense powers will work equally well against a Boss or any critter up to 5 levels higher than you, as it does for an equal level minion. This change has no effect on a player who does not have any Defense.

This change is coming in I7.

Woo hoo. My MA/Nin stalker and EM/EA brute will be very happy.

I7 is scheduled for February.

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Post by Spyder » 12 Jan 2006, 13:21

holy SHIT :shock:

you realise this means they'll nerf defence to make up for it (again, after nerfing SR in I6 :() but still, that rocks
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Post by Spoticus » 12 Jan 2006, 16:04

I am with spyder on this, it is great news for every def based set, and now also makes some of those low def based powers useful instaed of useless. But for sets like SR it looks they could be getting another nerf soon after :(