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Post by Lt Australia » 06 May 2011, 19:51

My toons have been kicked by Euphoria due to inappropriate language used by me.

I apologise unconditionally for the use of offensive racial terms.

However, in my defence, I would not use the terms used if I thought the people in the kin would be offended.

And I admit that I was under the influence of alcohol. Partly because of the death of my sister and the current illness of my mother, I was using the kin channel as a venting mechanism, but only to relieve my internal emotional state by wallowing in my absurdist humour, and not as a way to troll my kin mates.

Sometimes, I do admit, I go over the line, but often it is because I do not see the line. I never talk in a tone I do not expect in return. If I insult Americans, it is because I expect (and a way demand) that I get insulted in return. When I do cross the line, I would prefer to be told face to face. Using proxies does not work for me, as subtly is generally wasted on me

The kinship has been one of a few channels available for me during this bad time in my life, and I find that removal from that channel has affected me in a negative way and by negative I mean tears and crying. Yes that sound stupid, but even when I am emotionally weak, I fall back to stupidity and absurdity. I do not partake in many kin activities, mainly because I did not have a toon until recently that could raid and do high end content. I used the Kinship as a sort of channel to talk shit, and to ask for information. The warnings given by Euphoria was taken the wrong way by me, apologise to him, to Rhianna and all other Kin leaders. The mistake I made with them is expecting to react like I do, a brick through the window. Normal control methods was wasted on me tonight. And in all honsesty, I would think that even sober, I would have reacted to the mesages from Euphoria the same way, which is of cause abnormal, but I state I clearly love and cherish to my detriment.

If I offended you, sorry. If I did not offend you, sorry anyway for wasting your time.

If Lt Australia is your last best hope for peace....

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Re: Apologies

Post by Fitz » 07 May 2011, 13:52

Its post like this that seem to prove that people can make mistakes and sometimes can deserve another chance.

But then again, I wasn't there so I don't know the specifics.

Just my 2c.

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