Low patcher bandwidth?

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Low patcher bandwidth?

Post by Sturok » 19 Apr 2006, 00:16

Hey guys firstly would like to say hi. I am from Perth in Australia and my brother and I bought COH today on sale at EB with game cards. Soon to buy COV if COH is good :P

my problem is that the patching file is 1.1GB and my maximum patch speed is 3kb/s i am on broadband so wondered if it was the patcher rather than me.

wondered if anyone knew anyway to improve this situation.

If installing COV now would reduce download size i would go out and buy it too lol :P nothing like a good impulse buy of games that look like the will be fun.

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Post by nucleon » 20 Apr 2006, 08:01

I'm sure I've seen faster xfers than that. You weren't downloading in prime time US? (early mornings say 4am to noon perth time)

You're not past your quota for the month?

The retail CoH build is probably fairly old now hence the 1GB patch.

If you were to purchase CoV it's more recent and includes most of that 1GB of patch but still would require some hefty patches (I'm thinking you'd still need 100-200Mb of patches).

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