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Post by Spoticus » 13 Apr 2006, 19:55

Solo MM's pretty much never die. In groups tho when agro gets out of control MM's are prime targets for 1 hit deaths. Brutes on the otherhand survive fine in all situations.
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Post by Chrien » 18 Apr 2006, 12:03

Spoticus wrote:$1.50 says chrien gets him to 40 only to hate that guy too :)

The problem with my ice/dark guy was he just felt useless compared to other guys. He was great in our duo spot but in real groups he was pretty ordinary. His knockbacks just pissed ppl off, and didn't do enough dmg, and his dark heal was good if ppl knew how it worked and when to drop back (or had TS going like we did when we duoed) but most of the time they didn't. The real kicker was when I got my pet @ 38 I think, he was so incrediably shit :p

I really wanted to level my dominator (think that was the class, the controller like class) but it was really hard to find groups and leveling him solo was kinda tedious :p

Who else is playing it these days? I haven't logged into wow for over a month now and need a MMO to get hooked on :p
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Post by nucleon » 18 Apr 2006, 18:23

The Australia channel is where it's at.

Make sure you have the following channels:
Justice Badge

Australia is where all the +10 GMTs hang out. The Justice channels seem to be a server-wide discussion point where all the cool people hang out. (Generally a lot of chat). But they are good to get a jist of what is going on around the place.

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