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34 grind (again!)

Posted: 08 Dec 2005, 08:09
by Faust
I don't know why but in CoV I always run out of missions...
24,29 and now 34. I'm out of contact and 1 level of newspaper missions is not what I'm looking forward to.
There are 2 contacts to unlock: One is by defeating the scrapyard ghost... The other one is by a badge that seems to be broken.

I've as well got 50 badges for the another contact to unlock in 35-40. But it seems that I can't get the gangster badge. I've fought for 4hours Marcone Capos (in Port Oakes) and no progress bar is moving and I'm pretty sure that I should have beaten at least 100 of them.

It's a bit of a shame that you run out of missions that easily. I'm playing in malicious to max the xp but I think i'll switch the difficulty 2 levels up to try to capture as much xp per mish as possible.

Posted: 08 Dec 2005, 12:30
by Rockitt
I'd suggest teaming up and doing other players' missions.

I've yet to run out of missions at level 29.


Posted: 08 Dec 2005, 13:21
by Faust
Sadly that's what I did. But in groups, you tend to do newspaper missions, which are not so much fun.

The rant was more that CoV lacks a bit of content to make the trip to 40 enjoyable.

Posted: 08 Dec 2005, 14:50
by Spoticus
alteast between 1-25 it seems there are far more contact missions than you can do without outlevelling. I run most missions on malicious and easilly out level contacts when not solo.

Posted: 08 Dec 2005, 16:28
by Rockitt
My alt is level 20 now and I've picked up a few contacts my main never got. I think it's quite difficult not to outlevel contacts.

Again, grouping plays a fair part in my experience growth, and there are numerous paper missions.

I'm not even at the stage of chasing contacts by the "fancy" means of badge collection.

There's a players guide on the official forums discussing the optimal way to level from 1-15 which entails picking up loads of contacts on the way. It was a revealing read.


Posted: 08 Dec 2005, 19:01
by Faust
Ehehe, trust me the paper missions get tiring pretty quickly. I seriously miss hazard zones (Perez Park, Boomtown, Hollows, Crey's Folly)