Salvage - wtf?

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Salvage - wtf?

Post by nucleon » 14 Oct 2005, 19:12

A new term in CoV - "Salvage". Another inventory class. All about SG
bases. I'll let "poz" explain a bit:


When we roll out bases, the use of salvage will (obviously) be more clear.
Here are a few bits of info until then.

Salvage is dropped only when you are in Supergroup mode.

We're dropping salvage now so that you have some when Bases are

Salvage drops are not entirely random; you get salvage appropriate to the
villain you are fighting.

You can carry a whole lot of salvage. (Compared to any other inventory you

Salvage can be traded to other players.

Stores don't buy salvage

Salvage is used in your Supergroup Base's workshop to make items for the

The basic items for the base do not require salvage.


Call this Exhibit 'A', for why SGs are getting more important.

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Post by Spyder » 14 Oct 2005, 20:18

sounds like the CoH prestige they're introducing for the same reason.
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