City of No healing ?

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City of No healing ?

Post by Wolfy-at-work » 14 Oct 2005, 15:04

Hey hey,

Just a quick question,

For those of you who have been playing in the beta, how were you finding the lack of many of your classic healing options other than insps?

Was there any issue about sitting around after each fight and waiting to heal cause you didnt have any inbuilt healing options ?

I'm just curious cause I notice a serious lack of healing options in many of the paths.

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Post by Spyder » 14 Oct 2005, 15:24

yep there is no empathy. But mastermind's poison secondary has a heal, which I used a *lot*. In my experience, the heals we do have are fine with some touch-and-go situations. But empathy has always been easy mode.

TBH It's really hard to tell as I don't think any of our group (except maybe sharez) has been past level 6 since we can only play on saturday morning (with occasional sundays). We also missed the +10lvl bump since all of our chars are too low.
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Post by nucleon » 14 Oct 2005, 19:34

I believe all ATs have higher hp than def/trollers/blasters in CoH, but less hp than tankers. Not totally sure on this.

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