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Post by Wolfy-at-work » 14 Oct 2005, 15:49

Whelp, I have some idea what I would like to play.

Something along these lines:

1. Mastermind: Robotics/Traps (CHEESE!!!!)

2. Stalker: Claws/Ninjitsu (I want to sneak up and kill people...i blame rogues..nerf rogues...oh wait wrong games...NERF ROGUES!)

Corruptor: Energy Blast/Kenetics (Speed boost on Zombies would be sooo Funny!)

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Post by Sharez_Jek » 14 Oct 2005, 16:31

Well i've been pretty slack lately and haven't tested much, mostly due
to the crappy server times.

Had a lot of fun with my Mastermind so I'll probably play one when we
go live.
Was a blast sending my 2 zombies Ash and Bad Ash rambling off to slaughter
anything that dared come near me. :P
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