Cuppa Jo on DEF

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Cuppa Jo on DEF

Post by nucleon » 25 Sep 2005, 09:39 ... ost3750155

There are two classes of Defense - Positional and Type.

Positional Defense - Ranged, Melee, and AoE

Type - Cold, Fire, Smashing, Lethal, and so forth.

Everytime you take damage it has a position and specific type: Ranged Fire, Melee Smashing, and so forth.

So - Powers grant you Defense of a positional kind or of specific type. The description will tell you.

Combat Jumping - Melee and Ranged +Def
Wet Ice - Smashing, Lethal, Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative +Def

Let's say you have both on and take Melee Smashing damage.

The game will see which of your +defs (positional or type) is higher (Melee or Smashing) and use the larger of the two.

Now Weave has a +Def to Melee and Ranged as well. If you have Combat Jumping AND Weave on then they stack because they are the same kind of +Def.

The bottom line is +Defs stack ONLY if they are the same kind.

The new +Def inspirations grant you +Def % to ALL Def classes - all positions and types.

I believe the only new thing here is the new insp.


So if you have lethal and smash DEF, weave/combat jump won't improve your DEF on those attack types. But will improve DEF like SR. It was only in the last patch, where CJ/Weave improved FF shields.

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