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Hello Southern Cross

Post by Denfinthion » 14 Nov 2010, 14:57

Hey all finally signed up to your forums been with you all a few months now figured 'bout time I do so.

LOTRO after free to play, still going strong. I'm enjoying leveling alts and doing skirmish/raids questing with kinnies.

Here's a familair pic- Shaun oh dear**

LOTRO Elendilmir- Denfinthion 65 Loremaster, Egormond 65 Burglar
WAR, Ironclaw- Toodles 40/61 Squig Herder(Retired), Gimmoy 40/45 Marauder(R)
Aion, Marchutan Fawx Cleric(R)
Age of Conan, Gwahlur- Woedaiin 80 Guardian(R)
Wow Caelestrasz- Quinque 80 Paladin(R), Quinbie 80 Druid(R), Quinkle(formally Eon on Shadowsong) 80 rogue(R)

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