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Post by Plev » 21 Mar 2009, 07:43

gday all, im new to lorto and am after a nice guild to help me learn the ways of lotro. i will send an application through as soon as i level up a bit and sort out what class i am going to play. atm im trying out an elf champion and i seem to be enjoying it. my question is... do you guys have a recommended lvl u would like a newbie like myself to gain b4 i apply for the guild? i have played both WoW and WAR and grow quite bored of them both, hence y i installed lotro again lol.

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Re: hi!

Post by Aelwen » 21 Mar 2009, 13:11

Hey Plev, nice to meet you :)

We don't have a level limit for applicants so you can submit an app as soon as you settle on a char. We look forward to seeing your app :)

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