Brisbane movie night! 21st of March 2009

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Brisbane movie night! 21st of March 2009

Post by Aldebrand » 17 Mar 2009, 12:17

Following on from the success of the bowling night, I've decided to organise a movie night!

The movie will be Evil Dead at 8:00pm at the Australian Cinematheque at the Gallery of Modern Art. The prices are nice too: $8 for Adults and $6 for concessions. I expect that a trip to the Pancake Manor or somewhere else delicious will take place afterwards.

Currently, I think we should meet around 7:45pm at the Gallery of Modern Art. If anyone needs my mobile number, just send me a message. I should mention that this is open to everyone, I'm really doing this because Neph and I were planning to go but Aelwen wanted to come to so I made it a group thing. :-)

So yeah, just rock up for a good movie and good company!

This message has been brought to you by the committee of making Alde do stuff and waking him up at 4:30am for an instance run.

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Re: Brisbane movie night! 21st of March 2009

Post by Aelwen » 17 Mar 2009, 13:48

Pfft the reason I wanted to come was cos you invited me when we were on the phone you dope /smack Plus I love Evil Dead - the second one was my fave :)

Btw it wasn't 4.30am!! It was 4am :P And you told me to call if there was room in the raid. It's ok, Yeti and I were up at 3.30am =/ It seemed like such a good idea at the time...and after all of that we didn't down the watcher either =/ Next time Watcher, next time! ./evil cackle fades into the distance

Umm...can I bum a ride too? :P

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