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Informative Mines Of Moria Preview on Gamespy

Posted: 08 Jul 2008, 23:53
by hugorune
Check this out folks - a lot of info in here I didn't know about, or had only seen hints of: ... 747p1.html

Bit that had me drooling:

"Legendary items are a really exciting part of Mines of Moria," Steefel said. "The idea is to have the player's own weapon become a quest hub." More prosaically, legendary items are rare-to-epic class-specific items that drop (though some can be crafted) throughout the world and can be bound to a specific adventurer of level 51 or higher. New legendary items start nameless and must be identified by a new NPC. Once identified, they acquire a random set of "Legacies," or class-specific bonuses and begin acquiring experience points when their owner uses them in combat.

Not long to wait now, folks.

Re: Informative Mines Of Moria Preview on Gamespy

Posted: 09 Jul 2008, 12:12
by nitrofenix
The new "Traits 2.0" system is designed to preserve the flexibility of the original system while also providing "tracks" that allow players to slot specific collections of traits in pre-determined collections. A Champion, for example, can slot eight specific class traits in the "Order of the Shield" configuration that not only helps the Champion tank more effectively but also offers special line bonuses just for that configuration. Steefel hastens to add that a player isn't required to follow one of these tracks; they can mix-and-match traits the way they've always done, but with this system, a player can announce to prospective fellowship members that they're "Line of Kings-spec" or "Shield-spec" and have their character's capabilities be instantly understood.

The ability to slot eight class traits? :shock:

Hmm @ specs.. Sounds a bit WoW-ish to me..
Legendary items will also have spaces to slot in "Relics." These are item drops that add still more special abilities. Every ten levels, the item must be re-forged, at which time the weapon can take on a new name and more powerful legacies. "Legendary items will absolutely affect the way you play your class," Steefel said. "They add a lot more customization and give the player an artifact that's truly unique to them."

Ooooo. :shock:

Re: Informative Mines Of Moria Preview on Gamespy

Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 12:03
by Invert
Sounds kinda cool, want to hear more about the raids though :P

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Posted: 11 Jul 2008, 23:34
by nitrofenix
Taken from here:
Book 14 Instance Updates
There's nothing quite like getting together with a group of friends and challenging yourself to work your way through an instance. Feeling like you're working together with your friends and defeating a difficult foe, and being rewarded well for your efforts, are some of the best experiences you can have in an MMO. Well, this is something we've been looking to enhance in LOTRO and in Book 14 you'll be seeing some significant updates to a number of our high end instances. I'll break down a few of them to give you an idea of what is coming your way.

Angmar has 3 main instances: Urugarth, Carn Dûm and Barad Gúlaran. While they are set in some awesome spaces, they have suffered from some problems, both in balance and rewards. We've tried to address some of these issues in Book 14.

A New Armour Set
The most significant change to these instances in Book 14 is the addition of a new Angmar armour set. This set comes in the standard flavors of light, medium and heavy, and can be acquired through defeating bosses in these instances. The acquisition of these armour pieces follows a pattern similar to Annúminas, although the number of smaller barter items needed to purchase a piece is much smaller. For all you number crunchers, here are some screenshots of the new sets for you to enjoy:
Angmar Armour Light
Angmar Armour Medium
Angmar Armour Heavy

Gameplay Tweaks
We've also made a few tweaks to flow and balance in the Angmar instances. We won't give all the details here, so consider these only a taste of what's to come!

The overall flow of Urugarth has not changed, but we have revised some of the fights there, such as the Gruglok arena fight and Lhugrien's battle. We have also tried to better convey what is going on with burning the various totems in the instance, so how that affects the final fight is better explained.

Carn Dûm
Of the Angmar instances, Carn Dûm has seen the most significant. One of these is the addition of a new bridge that leads into the "city" section of the space. If you have the proper keys, you will no longer have to go down into the pits to enter the city and castle of the Witch-king. In addition, we have reworked the Helchgam fight to be more fun. Helchgam will no longer heal while you try to bring a pillar down - but he will pull down pillars a lot more frequently.

Barad Gúlaran
We felt the Barad Gúlaran space was pretty good, especially after we removed the puzzle section of the Castellan fight. The final fight with the Rogmul still represents the hardest fight in Angmar, so why change perfection?

Over the past few updates, Annúminas has received a number of changes, and more are coming in Book 14. Some of them are pretty substantial.

Armour Tweaks
We feel the instances represent the hardest 6-man content in LOTRO, but didn't feel the armour matched that difficulty. To address this, we've bumped the armour up to make it much more desirable, and again for you number crunchers, the updated armour stats can be found below. Note that the Light and Medium Armour sets have a new helm piece that you can purchase. This gives you more flexibility in what armour pieces you use to get your set bonuses.

Annuminas Armour Light
Annuminas Armour Medium
Annuminas Armour Heavy

Gameplay Tweaks
We also felt the difficulty of the instances didn't match our intended progression. We had always intended that Glinghant, the Gardens, be the easiest, Valandil's Tomb next in difficulty, and Ost Elendil, the Palace, the most challenging. Instead, it felt like the Tomb was very hard, the Palace was uneven, and the Gardens were harder than they should be. We've tried to address these issues in Book 14.

The flow through the space remains the same, but we've added some additional feedback for when you have successfully used the levers to open the doors and when you have not.

Valandil's Tomb
The first leg of this instance has seen some significant rework. Overall we have reduced the number of monsters in the lower portion of the tomb, as we felt this took far too long to get through and wasn't very rewarding. We have also introduced new "gimmicks" into the 6 smaller sub-tombs and have worked on providing better feedback about which sub-tombs you have completed and those you still need to conquer. Finally, we have changed the Limrafn so they no longer respawn, as this seemed unnecessarily annoying.

Ost Elendil
We have done some significant reworking of the first portion of this instance, all with an eye toward better conveying the light dynamic used in this instance. The light-sensitive monsters will now play FX when they are being affected by the light, so you'll have a better idea of who is weakened and who is not. In addition, we have reworked the Guloth fight to be more of a challenge. In comparison to Shingrinder, Guloth was a pushover. Hopefully that is no longer the case!

We haven't made any significant gameplay changes to Helegrod, but we have updated how you acquire the Helegrod armour.

Armour Tweaks
Instead of the various armour pieces dropping from inside the instance, the raid will now use barter items, similar to those found in the Rift. This barter item can be used to exchange for the Class armour piece of your choice from armour traders in Rivendell. Since the Helegrod armour has always been "Bind on Equip," we have not flagged these barter items to be bound to the player in anyway. This means you could possibly sell your barter item on the auction house, if you so desire, or give it to a friend or kinmate. Due to these changes, we have pulled the Helegrod armour pieces from any other treasure sources. The only source for Helegrod armour will be Helegrod.

In addition to these changes, we've updated some of the other trophies that are found in the raid. These trophies, which were previously only used for the quests, can now be traded for consumables with a trader in Rivendell.

Epic Instances
While certainly not as challenging as some of our other content, the various Epic instances have suffered for some time from not having any incentive to play them again. How many times have you seen someone looking for a Book 4 group? Well to provide some incentive to replay these instances, we are introducing a series of repeatable quests that direct you into those instances. Players who have never done a particular instance before will be able to group up with those who have and both will be rewarded.

These quests will reward you with a barter item, and with stacks of these items, you can purchase rewards, like consumables, crafting resources, on up to beryl shards and armour pieces from Angmar, Annúminas or Helegrod. These quests, though, are on a weekly timer, so you will only be able to get a limited number of these a week. In addition you will only be able to get one of the armour pieces once a month, so our instance content won't be completely negated by these quests.

Only a limited number of Epic instances will have these repeatable quests. When Book 14 launches, the following instances will be supported:

Book 4 - Chapter 8 Book 12 - Chapter 3
Book 5 - Chapter 5 Book 12 - Chapter 6
Book 5 - Chapter 8 Book 12 - Chapter 9
Book 7 - Chapter 8 Book 13 - Chapter 9
Book 8 - Chapter 5 Book 14 Instances
Book 10 - Chapter 14

To receive these quests, you will need to speak to a "Sage of Eriador," who will be found next to the reflecting pool where these instances are found.

New Deeds
Finally, we've done a pass to give most of the instances a few deeds specific to them, like Exploration and Slayer deeds. There are also a few hidden deeds... but we'll leave those up to you to discover!

Re: Informative Mines Of Moria Preview on Gamespy

Posted: 12 Jul 2008, 00:14
by Silurin
some nice instance tweaks in there but people will only run those places so often - even for the new armor. where's the raid's!!??!!
nitrofenix wrote:A New Armour SetThe acquisition of these armour pieces follows a pattern similar to Annúminas, although the number of smaller barter items needed to purchase a piece is much smaller.
barter items . . . rep grinds - they keep a game alive for the few but add no real longevity :(

Re: Informative Mines Of Moria Preview on Gamespy

Posted: 12 Jul 2008, 06:53
by hugorune
Well, the raids aren't in Book 14... but I'm sure they're saving up something special for the expansion.

Re: Informative Mines Of Moria Preview on Gamespy

Posted: 12 Jul 2008, 11:46
by Spoticus
not so sure about the specs thing, really dont want groups not taking you because you arent this or that spec :-/

/me glares @ wow

oh and hi :)

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Posted: 12 Jul 2008, 20:24
by Invert
Spot! Sup mate!? <3

What you doing with yourself these days?

Re: Informative Mines Of Moria Preview on Gamespy

Posted: 12 Jul 2008, 22:32
by Spoticus
Paying the guild hall upkeep, you guys should be more careful :p