Rules of Southern Cross

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Rules of Southern Cross

Post by Secro » 21 Nov 2004, 22:47

World of Warcraft

Southern Cross

Rules of Southern Cross

Before a new member is recruited they will have to agree to these rules. Existing members will also have to agree to them. These rules are open for discussion and subject to change. All comments/complaints/questions should be directed to the Guild Master.

1. We do not harass fellow players

2. We have general respect towards guild members and other player’s beliefs/views.

3. We do not take advantage of the guild’s kindness, constantly begging in chat, requesting raids/help to the point it becomes annoying and ‘using’ members are looked down upon within the guild.

4. We act appropriately during guild events and in guild chat. Spamming the chat during a meeting or saying uncalled for things won’t be tolerated.

5. In other games, Southern Cross has a great reputation! And we, as members of Southern Cross, will strive to keep and develop it in WoW. We will not Kill Steal, will not leech XP, we will not ‘macro game’ (using macro’s and 3rd party programs to level or develop skills quickly). And we follow the EULA and Social rules of World of Warcraft. This means no exploiting bugs, swearing in public,ninja looting etc.

6. We are all mature in Southern Cross so light swearing is tolerated, if your easily offended by bad words please use the filter. Excessive or harsh swearing can result in warnings; consistency could even result in a removal due to violating rule 2. A short infrequent outburst of bad language is also acceptable if the situation calls for it. Better than keeping pent up anger and doing something silly!

7. We do not openly sell in guild chat, if a player gets a drop and intends to sell the item an offer can be made in /tells. We do not hawk our wares in guild chat either. Generally if you know of a player looking for say wool, give it to them! Who knows, maybe they will find an item you would really like? We understand the costs associated with training/upgrading equip and trade-skilling, so please think of others while dealing with Guildies.

8. We do not talk about joining other guilds in guild chat; we try hard to keep our members in Southern Cross and would like them to stay. If anything is wrong please tell an Officer or the Guild Master to help make a better guild!

9. No fighting between guild members in guild chat. If you have a problem, take it to /tells or tell an Officer or Guild Master of the problem. We will work out best to resolve it. Please remember the officers cant help if they dont know whats going on.

10. Help is NOT guaranteed. When you join you understand that the higher levels don't have to help you if they don't want. If they do be sure to treat them with proper respect. Likewise for the higher levels you understand that teasing and annoying the lower levels just because they are lower is NOT cool.

These rules are all in place to ensure a fun playing environment for you and the guild.

Violation of any of the Rules can result in removal from the guild as decided by the Officers and Guild Master.