hunter lvl 90 542ilvl(legendary cape)LF raid team

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hunter lvl 90 542ilvl(legendary cape)LF raid team

Post by tonym23 » 29 Sep 2013, 11:02

90 -hunter BM, Bearears - Frostmourne alliance.

1.Are you applying to join the raid team or joining as a casual/social member?
I want to be part of the raid team. I am very experienced and believe I can contribute every night.
2.Please link your armory: ... ars/simple
3.Do you know anyone in the guild?
No I don't. Nothing a few beers whilst chatting on mumble won't change.
4.Why are you leaving your current guild?
They have gone casual with only Flex which just doesn't feel challenging enough. My last guild Zen changed their times as they are in WA to start at 9:30 Brisbane time and go till 1AM.
You only need to answer the next lot of questions if you are applying to raid in our progression group:

5.What is your MoP raiding experience?
currently only Flex, previously in the expac 6/6 3/6 MSV, and normal clears of HOF worst raid almost ever imo, TOES 4/4, 12/12 N TOT, 1/13 H TOT. I have been raiding since Vanilla and still love the game, I also used to PVP quite alot and earned Knight-Captain in Vanilla.
6.Favourite boss fight in MoP? Lei Shen is cool and tests your team out. I don't think any of the current raids have that epic feeling of Ulduar though. However the new Tier from what I have seen is great.
7.Do you have an offspec and is it any good? I play BM and SV both well however I prefer BM. I also have a 525 disc priest bearspriest (which was used more last tier as our guild struggled to get heals to turn up every night). and a 515 Blood dk codymuz.
8.What do you do to maximise your performance in a raid? (e.g. theorycraft, watch boss vids, etc.)
I look for a fatboss guide on you tube, Icy veins is decent too.
9.Can you link any of your WoLs? My guild never used WOL so I never enabled it since back in MSV. I'd be happy to run a Flex so you can record a log if needed.
10.Do you have a working microphone and can you use Mumble?
Yes plus a decent connection and PC.
Cheers I look forward to talking with you. BNET ID is tonym2323#1526

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Re: hunter lvl 90 542ilvl(legendary cape)LF raid team

Post by Benko » 02 Oct 2013, 08:36

Hey mate, thanks for the application. Looks good.

I believe Dreadmoore has been in touch with you in game so hopefully he's arranged a trial for you.

Chat to you in game!

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