Ithuriell 80 Priest **accepted**

Want to join SouthernCross WoW Chapter? Post here. (MOP Recruitment OPEN)

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Ithuriell 80 Priest **accepted**

Post by treeby » 12 Feb 2011, 15:13

1. About You

Please state your

1.1 First Name / Age / Location:
A: James/18/Brisbane

1.2 Usual Playtimes:
A: Most nites during the week

1.3 Do you know anyone in SC? (Online or in Real Life)
A: I am good friends with Heyzeus in real life and online

1.4 How did you hear about SC?
A: Heyzeus

1.5 Are you applying to SC to Raid/PvP or Socialize? Or a combination? Please specify your intentions and also your goals in WoW as a whole
A: Mainly for the social aspect but I may look to raid in the future

1.6 Any other information you feel comfortable sharing, the more we know about you the more it helps us with our decision! (optional)
A: none

2. About Your Characters

2.1 List your character(s) Name / Class / Race / Level / Armory Link:
(Please try to stay logged out in your PvE gear)
A: Ithuriell/ Priest /Night Elf/ 80/ ... ell/simple

2.2 What guilds have you been in? And why have you left or intend on leaving them?
A: I was a member of intolerable but I left because the guild has basically disbanded

2.3 Are you the original owner of your account?
A: yes

3. Raiding

5.1 Do you have any achievements relavent to your application you'd wish us to note?
A: not really

5.2 Are you applying with any other guilds at the moment?
A: No

5.2 What do you hope to get out of Southern Cross? Why do you think you would make a valuable member?
A: A fun guild that has a good environment and also can raid if I want to look at that once I level my character.
Im pretty easy going I enjoy helping other people in my team.