*** ACCEPTED *** Athenia - 85 Warlock

Want to join SouthernCross WoW Chapter? Post here. (MOP Recruitment OPEN)

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*** ACCEPTED *** Athenia - 85 Warlock

Post by Athenia » 07 Feb 2011, 02:11

1. About You

Please state your

1.1 First Name / Age / Location:
A: Laurence, 29, Melbourne

1.2 Usual Playtimes:
A: ~6PM-2AM Daily (currently)

1.3 Do you know anyone in SC? (Online or in Real Life)
A: No

1.4 How did you hear about SC?
A: You guys have been around a long time, 3 years ago I would have applied had my previous GMs not joined SC - seeing as the breakup of that guild was not exactly amicable I decided to look elsewhere.

1.5 Are you applying to SC to Raid/PvP or Socialize? Or a combination? Please specify your intentions and also your goals in WoW as a whole
A: To raid, and I'm happy to meet new people.

1.6 Any other information you feel comfortable sharing, the more we know about you the more it helps us with our decision! (optional)
A: Information regarding what? Please feel free to contact me in game if you have any particular questions.

2. About Your Characters

2.1 List your character(s) Name / Class / Race / Level / Armory Link:
(Please try to stay logged out in your PvE gear)
A: Main: Athenia / Warlock / Gnome / 85 / http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/b ... nia/simple

Major alt: Isaldina / Warrior / Worgen / 83 currently.
Major alt: Bonadea / Priest / Gnome / 84 currently.
^These two toons are currently being leveled together.

2.2 What guilds have you been in? And why have you left or intend on leaving them?
A: Undercover Orcs: The GMs decided they had had enough of PVE content upon realising they couldn't progress through any more content with the line-up they had available, leaving it to the officers to effectively run the guild and raids themselves - but still wanted to retain the leadership without contributing anything to the guild. The officers collectively decided to quit, thus ending the guild.

Eternal Requiem: I have been in this guild since October 2007, had some great times and meet some cool people but it seems to be no longer the guild I once knew. I'll be happy to elaborate on this in person.

Fallen Chapter: When Eternal Requiem disbanded at the end of TBC I joined FC briefly to work on SWP - many Mu'ru wipes were had.

2.3 Are you the original owner of your account?
A: Yes

3. Raiding

If you have no intentions of ever doing any serious raiding, feel free to skip this section.

3.1 Our raids usually begin at 7:30pm AEST and run up to midnight. Place an asterix next to those days you can make.


3.2 What raid experience did you have in classic WoW
A: (UO)Cleared Molten Core, BWL to Vaelstrasz, cleared Zul'Gurub, cleared AQ20.

3.3 What raid experience did you have in TBC?
A: (UO)Karazhan cleared, Gruul cleared.
(ER) SSC and TK cleared. Mount Hyjal and Black Temple cleared, Sunwell Plateau cleared to Brutallus.
(FC) Sunwell Plateau cleared to Mu'ru. (Note: They had already cleared to Mu'ru when I joined - so I don't count it as personal progression).

3.4 What raid experience do you have in WotLK?
A: I re-mained to my shaman from Tier 7 through to mid Tier 9, here is the armoury link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/b ... ina/simple
Naxx, OS3D, Malygos all cleared, T7 Plagued Protodrake meta achieved (Glory of the Raider).
Ulduar 10 & 25 cleared, T8 Rusted Protodrake meta achieved (Glory of the Ulduar Raider).
(10s)Trial of the Grand Crusader cleared with 'A tribute to Mad Skill' achieve.
(25s) Trial of the Grand Crusader cleared to Twin Val'kyr
(Re-mained to Athenia at some point here in mid Tier 9)
ICC 10s, normal mode cleared.
ICC 25s, cleared to Blood Queen Lanathel.

3.5 We use Ventrillo for communication on raids, it is required that all players atleast be able to listen in on vent. Will this be a problem for you?
A: Not at all.

3.6 What is your internet connection? (speed and download limit – important because dogging hard raids because your “capped” is a piss weak excuse)
A: Optus cable internet, had some problems with it lately but I have a technician coming out tomorrow to - hopefully - fix it.

3.7 If possible please post a link to a picture of your ui with raid frames. (This is more important for healers)
A: Will post up once this is done.

3.8 Post a link to what you feel is the best PVE spec for your character.
A: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/b ... /secondary
Currently playing destro to fill the replenishment requirement, I am more than happy to return to Affliction though (my primary spec there is PvP Affliction - so ignore that).

3.85a What prime glyphs do you use and why?
A: Glyph of Immolate: 'Increases the periodic damage of your Immolate by 10%', aside from the obvious buff this also buffs your conflag damage.
Glyph of Conflagrate: 'Reduces the cooldown of your Conflagrate by 2 seconds', Quicker conflags means more backdraft, reducing the cast time of your next three Incinerate, Shadow Bolt, or Chaos Bolt spells by 30%.
Glyph of Imp: 'Increases the damage of your Imps firebolts by 20%' Because Imps need love too! (And there isn't anything better)

3.85b What major glyphs do you use and why?
A: Glyph of Life Tap: 'Reduces the global cooldown on your lifetap spell by .5 secs' Less time tapping means more time pew-pewing!
Glyph of Healthstone: 'Increases the amount of health received from the healthstone by 30%' More self-heals when the going gets tough is never a bad thing. Also Warlock major glyphs suck in general.
Glyph of Fear: 'Causes the target to tremble in fear instead of running off and pulling half the instance, thus leading to a wipe and swift removal from the group accompanied by whispers of "L2P N00b!". More useful in heroics until we get geared enough to facepull packs WotLK style again.

3.85c What minor glyphs do you use and why?
A: Glyph of Drain Soul: Left over from my PVE Affliction spec, not applicable for destro.
Glyph of Unending Breath: 'Increases the swim speed of targets affected by your Unending Breath spell by 20%' For Whale Shark kiting goodness.
Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion: Another one left over from my PVE Aff spec, not relevant when I don't even have the spell anymore!

3.9 DPS - Describe a typical rotation you would use to maximise your DPS
Healers - Tell us what sort of healing strategies you use to maximise your healing and efficiency

Tanks - Describe a typical rotation you would use to maximise your threat
A: Curse of Elements
Shadowbolt every 30 secs for ISB effect IF there isn't an elemental shaman or fire mage present. (I'm not 100% certain on this, a lot of the shared raid buff lists I checked are out of date).
Soul Fire (+Shadowburn if there will be adds in the fight to replenish soul shards) for 15% haste buff.
Bane of Doom
Chaos Bolt

From here, Soul Fire to refresh the haste buff and keep Conflagrate and Chaos Bolt on cooldown - refresh dots as necessary. Fel Fire when moving, Conflagrate if off cooldown.
If there are several bosses in the fight that have to be DPSed simultaneously, Curse of Elements + Bane of Havoc on whatever I am not actively DPSing.
During heroism ignore Soul Fire (unless imp procs it for free damage) as the buffs do not stack.

4. PvP

If you’re not a very serious PvPer feel free to skip this section

4.1 What are your achievements of note in PvP? (high rank / Arena rating / etc)

5.Other Stuff
5.1 Do you have any achievements relevant to your application you'd wish us to note?
A: Any relevant raiding achievements I have listed above.

5.2 Are you applying with any other guilds at the moment?
A: No.

5.2 What do you hope to get out of Southern Cross? Why do you think you would make a valuable member?
A: I hope to be part of a 25s progression guild again, I believe I would be a valuable member for my previous raiding experience and general ability not stand in the fire, generate my share of the DPS, and make bad puns at any given opportunity. :D

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Re: Athenia - 85 Warlock

Post by Benko » 07 Feb 2011, 10:20

nicely written app - under review

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Re: Athenia - 85 Warlock

Post by Benko » 07 Feb 2011, 19:48

app accepted - pst an officer in game for a ginvite