*** ACCEPTED*** Stargrowth Feral DPS

Want to join SouthernCross WoW Chapter? Post here. (MOP Recruitment OPEN)

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*** ACCEPTED*** Stargrowth Feral DPS

Post by Stargrowth » 19 May 2010, 23:16

1. About You

Please state your

1.1 First Name / Age / Location:
Antony 19 Queensland

1.2 Usual Playtimes:
6-12 Weeknights & Sunday

1.3 Do you know anyone in SC? (Online or in Real Life)
I don't think so.

1.4 Are you applying to SC to Raid/PvP or Socialize? Or a combination? Please specify your intentions and also your goals in WoW as a whole
Im applying to SC to raid because i want to join a guild thats progressing or is trying and i would like to help out and have a home for the new expansion.

1.5 Any other information you feel comfortable sharing, the more we know about you the more it helps us with our decision! (optional)

2. About Your Characters

2.1 List your character(s) Name / Class / Race / Level / Armory Link:
(Please try to stay logged out in your PvE gear)
Stargrowth Druid NE 80 Armory Page isn't working at the time im posting this. :(

2.2 What guilds have you been in? And why have you left or intend on leaving them?
I've been in a fair few guilds since Vanilla Lately been in Pandemonium and Divine Heresy Mostly cause there weekend guild's but im moving back home so it's easier to raid during the week now :)

2.3 Are you the original owner of your account?

3. Raiding

If you have no intentions of ever doing any serious raiding, feel free to skip this section.

3.1 Our raids usually begin at 7:30pm AEST and run up to midnight. Place an asterix next to those days you can make.


3.2 What raid experience did you have in classic WoW
4HM In Naxx

3.3 What raid experience did you have in TBC?
Killed Kil'Jaeden

3.4 What raid experience do you have in WotLK?
11/12 10man With a Few HM's KNow LK fight just cant find a grp to do it with that wants to do it every week.
9/12 25 With a few HM's Also
3.5 We use Ventrillo for communication on raids, it is required that all players atleast be able to listen in on vent. Will this be a problem for you?

3.6 What is your internet connection? (speed and download limit – important because dogging hard raids because your “capped” is a piss weak excuse)
1.5mb 25Gig

3.7 If possible please post a link to a picture of your ui with raid frames. (This is more important for healers)
Its nothing flash Xperl and apart from that normal UI Not into all that flashy bullshit that takes your screen away from you.

3.8 Post a link to what you feel is the best PVE spec for your character.
Refer to Top Armory isnt working :( But 0/55/16

3.85a What major glyphs do you use and why?
Rip - More Uptime less Cutting and easier to attain rotation
Shred - More Uptime less Cutting and easier to attain rotation
Savage Roar - Because its better then Beserk Overall and Mangle Glyph is stupid to have since last patch.

3.85b What minor glyphs do you use and why?
Aquatic Form So i can swim fast? lol
Rebirth so i dont have to take bagspace and remember to buy reagents

3.9 DPS - Describe a typical rotation you would use to maximise your DPS
Healers - Tell us what sort of healing strategies you use to maximise your healing and efficiency

Keep Mangle Rake Rip Up 4cp SR and when i have eneough time on SR and RIP, FB for more Dips

4. PvP

If you’re not a very serious PvPer feel free to skip this section

4.1 What are your achievements of note in PvP? (high rank / Arena rating / etc)
Nothing Amazing

5.Other Stuff
5.1 Do you have any achievements relavent to your application you'd wish us to note?

5.2 Are you applying with any other guilds at the moment?

5.2 What do you hope to get out of Southern Cross? Why do you think you would make a valuable member?
A Decent Raiding Guild that will go on to the next expansion.

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Re: Stargrowth Feral DPS

Post by Demandread » 20 May 2010, 07:33

Good app we will get back to you soon.

Also Armory is up:
http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... ine+Heresy

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Re: Stargrowth Feral DPS

Post by bloomie » 20 May 2010, 21:59

your gems could use a little work eg your using 20 agi gems over 20 armorpen the capp is 1400 u should aim to reach that before any agi

armory search Tmak from southern cross blackrock have a look at my gemming/ gear choice

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Re: Stargrowth Feral DPS

Post by Benko » 20 May 2010, 22:48


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Re: *** ACCEPTED*** Stargrowth Feral DPS

Post by Benko » 21 May 2010, 19:04

Application successful. Please whisper an officer in game for a guild invite.