Application Form & Raiding Info

Want to join SouthernCross WoW Chapter? Post here. (MOP Recruitment OPEN)

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Application Form & Raiding Info

Post by Demandread » 05 Jun 2007, 10:41

SouthernCross Recruitment



About Us:
  • Armory website:
  • Wow Progress page:
  • Southern Cross is an Australian based guild that has chapters in many other MMORPGs.
  • Southern Cross has a good history of raiding in WOW. We became a successful raiding guild on BR during classic WOW and maintain a friendly atmosphere for our players. In classic WOW we ended with MC / Ony / ZG / BWL / AQ20 on farm, we had TE down in AQ40 and several bosses down in Naxx. In TBC we cleared all raid instances apart from SWP where we were up to Brutalus. In WotLK we cleared all instances up to ICC25 Sindragosa. In Cata we cleared all instances up to DS 4/8H.
  • In MoP we are upto 4/14 in SoO.
  • As Southern Cross is mainly an Aus/NZ guild, anyone is welcome to apply, but we are in very different timezones to US and Europe so you may not always have a lot of people online.

Raidng Schedule (for our Progression Group):
Our main group has the following schedule:
  • Wednesday @ 8pm to midnight AEST
  • Thursday @ 8pm to midnight AEST
  • Sunday @ 8pm to midnight AEST
Please note that we try to stick to just 3 days. At the start of each tier we'll discuss what days/times best suit the group.

Current Openings (for our Progression Group):
For our main 10 man team, we are looking for the following:
  • Ranged DPS: Hunter / Warlock

Important Note: We try to run a roster system of 12 guys for 10 man so if people can't make it we have enough players to still pull a raid together. What this means is that if 12/13 people turn up on a night then we will need to have people sitting out. During progression we'll take the best team possible (i.e. top 5/6 DPS, top 2/3 healers, as needed), however during farm content we can switch people in and out depending on who needs what loot. Bottom line - be prepared to accept the fact that you might need to sit out here and there.

The main requirements are that you can turned up to each raid and play your class well. We provide flasks and guild repairs.

Social Members / Casual Raiders for 10m / Flex Raiders
We are always happy to recruit social members looking for an AU guild.

We currently have a 2nd raid group planned to run Friday & Saturday nights (from 8 or 9pm). We will also be running Flex raids in 5.4. Please apply below as a Social members or just PST an officer in game.

Application form:
New applicants should create a new post in this forum with the following Subject:
LEVEL - CLASS/SPEC - NAME e.g. 90 - Protection Warrior - Secro

In your post, please provide the following details:
  1. Are you applying to join the raid team or joining as a casual/social member?
  2. Please link your armory:
  3. Do you know anyone in the guild?
  4. Why are you leaving your current guild?

    You only need to answer the next lot of questions if you are applying to raid in our progression group:
  5. What is your MoP raiding experience?
  6. Favourite boss fight in MoP?
  7. Do you have an offspec and is it any good?
  8. What do you do to maximise your performance in a raid? (e.g. theorycraft, watch boss vids, etc.)
  9. Can you link any of your WoLs?
  10. Do you have a working microphone and can you use Mumble?

One of the officers will get in touch with in game for an invite / trial