New Instance: The Nightmare of Maiev Shadowsong

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New Instance: The Nightmare of Maiev Shadowsong

Post#1 » 07 Oct 2017, 22:05

The Bodysnatching copies are blaming the Worgen nearby for the disappearances of certain townsfolk and mischeivous activities so it seems that all of this is a stepping stone for a much greater plot from the one controlling these nightmares. The Worgen who are products of the Nightmare who are Abominations in Maiev's eyes much like the Naga can also sense/smell her influences over the possessed making them targets in her eyes. Since Varian has doubts about the Worgen curse being truly contained King Greymane contacts Malfurion in hopes of resolving the conflict. Which brings us to your involvement in all of this to investigate the Emerald Dream.

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