Thoughts on the Monk's Windwalker spec...

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Thoughts on the Monk's Windwalker spec...

Post#1 » 07 Oct 2017, 22:02

It seems pretty self-explanatory how the Monk will DPS, punching and kicking with big combos, and powerful finishing moves. However, how much of the DPS will be based off of "magic" effects? Traditionally, classes with healing specs have lots of buffs that carry over to the DPS spec. Retribution Paladins and Enhancement Shaman are prime examples of melee DPS specs that carry a lot of buffs over from their healing trees.
As for their skills and movements, I'm all for a bare-fisted melee DPS class. Up until now, the only class that came even remotely close were Enhancement Shaman using fists weapons (and they did a great job BTW). I'd also like to see some ranged "wave" attacks like the Monks in Diablo have.
With that said, what do you think Windwalkers will be like in the game, and how will they rank popularity-wise with the other DPS specs in the game? Finally, what kind of self and group buffs do you think they will bring?

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