why all the talk of classes being the same?

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why all the talk of classes being the same?

Post#1 » 07 Oct 2017, 22:02

As far as i see it the only thing that makes classes the same is the spread arounf of buffs that do the same thing, asside fromthat, how in crap is a hunter anything like a mage, or a paladin for that matter? too diffrent, ok a fury warrior and a dualwield dk? eg.
warrior, brute strength from lots of training and lifting and such. pounding chopping and more or less wrecking your enemies faceDK, undead beast with lots of unnatural strength. wins by chilling infecting and stealing the life from your opponent.
if you people are saying they are the same because you are generalizing their skills to, some kinda chop, some kinda smash and so forth. of course at that point you could make most things look generally the same, its a game and they have 10, count em 10 (soon to be 11) classes, they are all going to have common points.

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