What happened to the mystery in WoW?

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What happened to the mystery in WoW?

Post#1 » 06 Oct 2017, 23:33

I was just roaming around Alcaz Island just for fun and something occurred to me. Where did the mystery in WoW go? The random Naga slithering around Alcaz island and the giant Hydra. What are they for? Or Doctor Weavil, what is his purpose? Or what is going on down in the dungeons below the island? Everything in Cataclysm seems too explained or too predictable. A quest helper in the game is great but I think it takes away to much anticipation on what is going to happen next.
I'm almost certain it isn't like this anymore because the vast majority of WoW players want to just level up as fast as possible without reading a single quest and getting the best gear possible. But is that what the questing experience is all about? What are your thoughts?

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