Multiboxing and it's effects on the casual gamer

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Multiboxing and it's effects on the casual gamer

Post#1 » 03 Oct 2017, 20:49

I recently transferred my toons over to a different server and quickly noticed that there was a number on multiboxers running around pretty much destroying what they wanted to destroy. About every night when I do log in I notice that they get into Tol Barad and hold it down and there is nothing that the casual gamer can do about it. They also raid major cities killing everything all the time and too many times I am left with the thought of how is this not fair for everyone else and why blizzard doesn't do anything about it. I wrote a ticket on the issue a while back with the response being that it is not illegal to multibox. It's illegal to buy gold and it's illegal to power level but it isn't illegal to make multiple characters and run them through a town and kill everything or completely control a bg? What about character balance? Whats the purpose of balancing classes making sure every class is as equal as possible when someone can make duplicate toons? It isn't fair by no means plain and simple.

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