Rewards for Achievements Points?!?

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Rewards for Achievements Points?!?

Post#1 » 03 Oct 2017, 20:45

I can't belive Blizzard didn't though about this already, we ALL know that getting achievements is FUN, because you get to explore old content, see other places on the map, and even do old fun quests, but why would you bother if you get nothing out of it, just a shiny pop-up achievement notification.
I saw you get points doing achievements, some peoples have 1000 points, some have 9000 points, it would be awesome if you could buy stuff with this achievement points, get titles and rewards when you hit a number of achievements, buy extreme rare mounts with achievement points, and the fun part is that you always get to do new stuff, is not like farming a dungeon to get the currency in order to buy that specific mount or pice of gear, lots of other stuff blizzard could make out of this achievement system.

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