What instances should Blizzard make into heroics next?

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What instances should Blizzard make into heroics next?

Post#1 » 27 Sep 2017, 18:35

What instances do you think Blizzard should redo?
And, as important, what instances should they just leave alone? (either because they won't make good HCs or because the lore wouldn't fit, or even because you like them as they are.)
Also, it should be noted that Blizzard has remade Ragefire Chasms and Stockades, just not into HCs. (was merely setback)
coming MOP expo, Blizzard seem to like remaking old instances into HCs.
I thought Shadowfang Keep was... meh, Deadmines was amazing... ZA and ZG were quite memorable, and very difficult in places, my nostalgia is probably skewed by having to run them so many times.

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