Post what your playing atm.

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Post what your playing atm.

Post by WasteGate » 07 Aug 2014, 09:30

Hi all,

Just trying to get a feel for what everyone is playing in the multiplayer space.
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Re: Post what your playing atm.

Post by Sardius » 08 Aug 2014, 15:18

Only really WoW at the moment. Haven't jumped on D3 in a month or so.
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Re: Post what your playing atm.

Post by simonsmp » 11 Aug 2014, 17:18

Haven't found a decent game to play in a while since I stopped WoW about 6 months ago... so just CS:GO for the most part :( Waiting for something new to hook me
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Re: Post what your playing atm.

Post by Kashak » 20 Oct 2014, 10:16

Bf4, Rome2 and soon Civ:BE if its not the suck
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Re: Post what your playing atm.

Post by hayden102 » 29 Jun 2015, 18:46

Rome II total war
Company of heroes
Rugby challenge

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