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new build

Post#1 » 17 Jul 2013, 12:11

looking at putting together a new pc

was looking at:
* I7-4770
* Z87 chipset motherboard (prefer Asus)
* GTX760 (prefer Asus)
* looking for a light/cool/quiet case, i like Antec
* dont know how much RAM is recommended these days, probably 8?

budget of around $1500 (less is better)

is mATX any good or is it gimped?

any advice?

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Re: new build

Post#2 » 20 Jul 2013, 11:54

mATX is fine as long as you dont need more than a couple of pci cards, most can still handle 2 X SLi, but not with an additional audio card as well.
Asrock Z87M Extreme 4 is a really good value mATX board and probably has a bit better audio than the Asus offerings. If you want a full sized board your going to pay a little bit more.

Most of the GTX760s are all within about $40, i like EVGA as they are good quality and in the middle price wise.

If your going to go a mATX board the corsair 350D case is one of the best around
If that's a bit exy for a case, Bitfenix make really good quality cases for cheap.

For a PSU you only really need around 500-600W, much more will be a waste unless your planning some serious overclocking. Just make sure whichever one you get meets the Haswell requirements. Corsair TX / HX series or silverstone strider series are both pretty good.
Check this link out for what works on Haswell:

I reckon 16gb RAM would be better if you can afford it, the more mem you have the better and you wont need to upgrade in a couple of years. Get a good brand cause cheap mem if always the first thing to cause errors in a new system. Corsair Vengeance series is good.

HDD / SSD whatever you like, at least 120gb on the SSD, but thats standard these days.

All of that would come in at about $1,500 or a tad more. If anything the 4770K is a bit overkill for gaming (assuming that's he primary use.) You could save $100+ and go with a 4670K and still have a machine that will smash any game on the market.

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Re: new build

Post#3 » 21 Jul 2013, 21:30

thanks mate, as always, good tech advice from you!

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