Fixing WoW Lag in ICC

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Re: Fixing WoW Lag in ICC

Post by nucleon » 29 Mar 2010, 21:16

ok, I lied, there was a wowhead mod in there.

Upgraded that and all aok.

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Re: Fixing WoW Lag in ICC

Post by Ularu » 12 Apr 2010, 13:11

downloading the client but its super slow atm 900MB/ 7.4GB- 20 KB/s =( its been going all night, this might explain my dc's not my comp or wow but bandwidth from fucking telstra
if this reinstall doesnt work im a try the addon blocker from wow forums i would link it but atm with this download i could bearly get on here
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Re: Fixing WoW Lag in ICC

Post by Syleena » 14 Apr 2010, 14:59

if you are talking about the addon that im thinking of. I hope you know it /ignores everyone that spams u.. and that could be a recipe for disaster when encountering BQ. And what ive noticed is generally the addon will /ignore ppl with libhealcom, GS, carbonite etc..

So just an idea.. but maybe banning certain addons during raid will help?

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Re: Fixing WoW Lag in ICC

Post by tworak » 20 Apr 2010, 12:38

ive been in a few icc emi runs, and generally that requested everyone logout and disable recount all together, and such spammy addons. it seemed to work well

The problems with those addon blocking program is its not really blocking the comms to you. all it will be doing is stopping your reply to others mods query.

The whole wow addon method is flawed with mods imo, but its pretty much like TCPIP data flow which is shithouse, easy to clog generally and overall very padded

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