Age of Conan

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Age of Conan

Post by Roddy » 28 Mar 2006, 20:50

Okay, i will admit i am hanging out a bit for warhammer. However i keep seeing press reports for this one

Looks interesting, however not sure if its a true MMO, time will tell on this one. But game play ideas and graphics look good so am still holding out a fair bit of hope. Couple of things i do like:

1. They seem to be heading in a "dark" direction. M rating and gearing towards older guys and not kiddies.

2. Combat sounds interesting and pretty fun.

3. Hell i like Conan.

Bad things.

1. Sounds like its another "hybrid" game. Any game that claims it can be single player or MMO in my opinion isn't an MMO. This may end up being NwN or similiar.

To be honest though i never really got into AO. Mostly because i came into it far too late off the back of other games but i think Funcom has a pretty good reputation in the genre.

Will keep my eye out for this one. Its on my "to try " list at least.
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