What game are you guys waiting on ?

Discussion of other live MMO's you play

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Post by Flamage » 07 Mar 2006, 13:57

OMFG I'm practically wetting my pants waiting for Oblivion to arrive.

Well not really :) But Morrowind is my #1 fav game of all time, and everything I know about Oblivion makes it out to be a HUUUGE improvement.

I may as well announce it as GOTY now.

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Post by Jaymo » 07 Mar 2006, 17:43

I am looking forward to:

- Oblivion
- Zelda: Twilight Princess
- Spore
- WoW: TBC (C'mon :P)

Games that I will play and finish once I complete school:
- Final Fantasy X
- Final Fantasy X-2
- FF7 - FF9 (Re-playing most of them, I powered through em ages ago and forgot the plot-- good memories though)
- Zelda: Wind Waker
- Shenmue I and II (Replaying)
- All the Gamecube classics that I missed while it collected dust in the corner of my shelf.

Any suggestions?
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The Patient
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Post by Roddy » 07 Mar 2006, 17:56

Aah. Im in the same boat as you bigman. Nothing to sink my teeth into.

Darkfall and Warhammer I'm waiting for to try out.

Other than that i'll give DDO a go just to see, but i have never been a big grouper. Trying out EvE again at the moment as well.
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Post by Spyder » 07 Mar 2006, 23:18

lol jaymo skip Final Fantasy X-2

cube games you missed? depends how long it's been collecting dust. Cube-only games in my collection, in no particular order:

F-Zero GX
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Super Monkey Ball 2
Super Smash Bros Melee
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (although this only really shines with 4 players, requires a GBA each)
Star Fox Adventures (lol, free with cube, don't bother)
Star Wars: Rebel Strike
Star Wars: Rogue Leader
Mario Golf (lol, only bought it to get the zelda collectors edition free with the barcode of this + FF:CC)
Zelda Collectors Edition (zelda 1, 2, OOT and Majoras Mask)

There are probably a few awesome games that I'm missing, but I've been so caught up in WoW that I haven't even finished Metroid Prime 2. There are quite a few I could mention that aren't cube exclusives too.
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Post by nucleon » 08 Mar 2006, 00:10

About 2 weeks ago if I saw this question I would of said; I'm generally getting bored with gaming. I'm finding it tough to get interested. WoW reminds me too much of chores rather than a game. Go here, do this, go here do that, and make sure you pick up bread and milk on the way home.

I watched Xmen2 on the weekend and now I'm back into CoH again. But I can only play it for about 4hrs a day before I get crook with it.

I was playing multiplayer civ4 the other day. But we were getting are collective arses kicked.

So yeah, I'm also looking around to see what's out there. I wouldn't mind getting into another RTS. Loved Warcraft3. Would love to see a starcraft2.

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Post by Thebigman » 08 Mar 2006, 10:47

What about Dark & Light ?

Apparently, there was a big anticipation for it but then, they brought out SOG, had a lot of server problems and it was crap.

The Devs are saying that they are still developing Dark & Light in parallel to SOG and that it's much better and that they have learned their lesson in terms of servers and lag.

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