New to Southern Cross (LOTRO)

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New to Southern Cross (LOTRO)

Post by hayden102 » 29 Jun 2015, 19:11

Glad to be here, met some very helpful and kind players on lotro, thanks for inviting me and letting me join. I'm 17 and play almost daily, mainly in the weekends, I will do my best to help activity and keep sc moving forward. Originally from Crickhollow but recently came to Elendilmir as I found out it was the unofficial oceanic server, Pleased with what I've seen and heard so far, only wish I started here earlier. Currently leveling My hunter, then my guardian and Minstrel so I can cover all roles. I enjoy the pve side and some weekends I end up in the ettenmoors/pvp See you out there! :D
If you didn't notice, my names Hayden and I enjoy rugby/sports and of course lord of the rings. Also into strategy games. Cheers.
Posted here as I couldn't find a subtopic for Lotro hopefully thats alright. and lol @ keyturner on the side under my name >.>

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