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Post#1 » 03 Feb 2015, 15:07

As much as I'm burnt out by MMO and am indifferent new ones

Points that gain my interest
- Game is not worried about ensure character customization is balanced, hapy for unbalanced builds.
- No PvE Raiding/Dungeon
- Game is made up of Disposal Maps, how I read, dynamic world that are pvp driven,, I'm guessing players can make changes to game world (IE base/control) and no matter on long term balance/side as eventually all world will be destroyed and continued phase of new discovery.

No much info, but I can only see dynamic player driver content as any future hope for MMO's for me.

OCAU Thread, not sure if the info he posted was from the site or the forums.
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Re: Crowfall

Post#2 » 03 Feb 2015, 18:45

They are going for eve style economy apparently. High risk pvp gathering. high decay on gear, and inventory loss on death (in the high risk areas)
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