Age of Wushu

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Age of Wushu

Post by Vilrond » 15 Jan 2013, 20:31

Some beginners guides: ... f13-1.html ... guide.html

At first glimpse this looks like another asian F2P microtransaction grind cookie cutter
I almost gaveup because of that and the way the translation is so bad

However stick with it because this game is amazing

It has open world PVP with criminal bounty system that works
Dynamic combat where jumping and fighting in the air is not just for show but works
Amazingly complex leveling system which includes a further layer of stat leveling thats even more complex

The strength and also the problem of this game is the complexity, strength in that it feels like there will always be stuff to do even at high level. The problem with the complexity is that it has very bad translation and it is often very difficult to understand how stuff works. This is where having friends explain it to you is key.

Take a look if you think it might interest you.

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