Great Guild Wars 2 Info for Newbies

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Re: Great Guild Wars 2 Info for Newbies

Post by Noose » 03 May 2012, 05:39

Two examples of things that is in GW2 that made me think 'Why hasnt this become standard in every MMO?':

An Eve-like market system with Buy Orders etc. Even on day 1 of the beta almost everything I looked at had some buy orders already. I'm sure I could play the market game all day alone (like I did for years in Eve).

Alts are automaticly invited into the guild. No more spamming the hard-working officers, or Secro (:P), for an invite for us altoholics! Also, your user name is included on the guild roster with alts! No more trying to remember 18 different names for the same person. Awesomes.
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Re: Great Guild Wars 2 Info for Newbies

Post by Usambara » 03 May 2012, 07:29

Not 100% sure on the rules for the Guild and Alts

The ones I made I had to go into the guild screen and select SC and say "Represent Guild" (or something like that). After which I could then participate etc in Guild chat. This does indicate you might be able to change between multiple guilds per account ?? Maybe with cool down to swap.

Definately good that member alts still consume 1 member only (assume there is limits to guild sizes) as well as being able to see guildies playing on other servers. Hmm I never tried cross server chat, nor see if Guild Chat was cross server.

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