Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase beta

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Re: Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase beta

Post by Mooney » 15 May 2012, 15:37

Played for a couple of hours just to remind myself that guild wars 2 is still epic

it is

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Re: Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase beta

Post by WasteGate » 15 May 2012, 16:06

Noose wrote:
Fitz wrote:
Noose wrote:O....M.....G....

This game is so awesome I'm gonna DIE.
Stress test is over again right?
Yes, sadly. The only issues I saw were logging in (got an error a few times, which they seemed to fix) and instances/pvp zones stopped loading. I'm pretty sure they were bottlenecking those servers for the test.

Other than that, I had no lag
I was in an instanced quest with Girii this morning and the lag made the game unplayable, took us 3 times, the first two we lagged so badly we died. When I say bad 30sec bad. Press key wait 30sec for something to happen then 3sec of something happening then 30sec of lag again.

The other annoying thing was that we had to zone in and out of the main city hoping that we got in the same phase outside the city to quest together. There was no way to switch to his phase.

Only played for 2 1/2 hrs what I saw was generally good but confusing, learning curve from other MMO's is steep.

I played ranger and liked the way I had axe MH and horn OH and my abilities changed when I went dual wield axe or equipped bow. Very clever combat method. I also liked that I didn't have 4 rows of abilities and straight away I had a self heal for my pet and myself.

I wound the graphics unto the max to see if my GTX 570 in SLI would perform and they did. Looked very nice overall. I rolled human to play with my friend but didn't like the race. I rolled Charr first but couldn't quest with him so rolled a human. Will go Charr on launch, sick of seeing gnomes, dwarves and humans. Character creation is deep.
Dabbled in crafting (Leatherworking) seems complex as well.

Overall I liked it.
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Re: Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase beta

Post by Usambara » 15 May 2012, 18:25

Ahh yes forgot about this test this morning, hopefully they were actually doing some stress testing and was causing the lag.

I didn't like the Char capital.. but then I'm going that sort arse race on release.

It be nice if the crafting system has more patterns than the hints it gives you, so there is some hidden experimentation possible. And of course if low level components could be used in high level recipes. Considering that returning to low level zones for components is not necessarily trivial with the auto levelling down(took me a while to work out my my health kept moving up and down in the first zone, till I work out the green number net to my actually level).

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Re: Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase beta

Post by Fandin » 29 May 2012, 17:49


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Re: Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase beta

Post by Fitz » 29 May 2012, 20:22


Hmm laptop + 4g card = potential win..

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