Things I miss of AoC

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Things I miss of AoC

Post by ZooZ » 27 Jan 2009, 23:50

Yes AoC :D

Scribe....Scribe was a Chatbot we had in the guild which used to connect just to AoC's chat server. We had professions, loot db's and city progression in there. But best of all, I had a huge database of Homer, chuck Norris, worst pickup lines and other classic oneliners.

Best pick of oneliners

- wait for a woman to look in her bag and then say 'if you looking for my number, i haven't given it to you yet'
- 'I'm not the best looking guy here....but i'm the only one talking to you'
- 'Can i buy you a drink? you just want the money?'

I swear most of the guild used to logon just to play with 'Scribe'.

Ahhhh, and yes the grey map. WE ALL MISS the grey map :D
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