Useful links and information for returning players. (3.0)

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Useful links and information for returning players. (3.0)

Post#1 » 22 Jan 2015, 10:35

I have compiled a list of links and information for returning players as 3.0 introduced many changes, this is also a good resource for new players.

Please post any links of use too. I will be updating this often.

3.0 Game Features

  • Expansion 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel' is included with 'Shadows of Revan' US$19.95 - LINK
  • 3.0 introduces 'Disciplines' and the skill tree has been removed - DEV BLOG LINK
  • There is two new planets introduced in 'Shadows of Revan', Rishii and Yavin 4.
  • There is the Forged Alliances prelude, where you are able to play single-player versions of the Forged Alliances Flashpoints on Tython, Korriban, Manaan, & Rakata Prime. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the lead up to the Shadow of Revan story, this is a great way to jump right in and get caught up.
  • Also there is two new role-neutral Flashpoints, four Hard Mode Flashpoints and ten new powerful bosses across two Level 60 Operations in 'Shadows of Revan'.
  • I would recommend doing Makeb first by picking up the mission from the priority terminal before heading to Rishii.

3.0 Class Changes

3.0 Class Guides
  • Carnage Marauder DPS Guide - DULFY
  • Corruption Sorcerer Healing Guide - DULFY
  • Madness Sorcerer DPS Guide - DULFY
  • Virulence Sniper DPS Guide - DULFY
  • Operative DPS Guide - DULFY
  • Darkness Assassin Tanking Guide - DULFY
  • Immortal Juggernaut Tanking Guide - DULFY

2.0 Game Features
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