Welcome to Southern Cross on The Bastion.

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Welcome to Southern Cross on The Bastion.

Post by WasteGate » 21 Jan 2015, 16:31

In 4.0 you will be The Outlander, welcome to Southern Cross on The Bastion!

After a long hiatus Southern Cross is looking to rebuild and become a formidable force on The Bastion server. While traditionally an Oceanic (GMT+10) based guild we will be recruiting anyone who wishes to be The Outlander and progress through their story.

Southern Cross, like many Oceanic guilds, had a turbulent start after launch with the US to Oceanic server migrations and by the time the Oceanic servers were shutdown many players had had enough and cancelled their subscriptions but at our peek we had 30-40 unique endgame players with organized PvP and PvE groups running. A lot has changed since then with the biggest change going Free-to-Play. It is my hope that we can rebuild the guild and conquer the galaxy once more.
Due to the nature of the Legacy system and that cross faction characters contribute to progressing your legacy we offer both allegiances in The Sith Empire, Southern Cross and The Galactic Republic, Southern Citadel guilds and happily accept you in either or both.

Southern Cross has a long history in MMORPG. Southern Citadel was a PvP theme park on the server of Valcyn in Star Wars Galaxies and the founding GM is playing The Old Republic to this day and is GM of our Galactic Republic guild Southern Citadel. We are friendly and enjoy hardcore and casual gamers that are generally aged 18+, insulting or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

We have a new ranking system and I hope it allows us to build the guild quickly.

All the best
Warlord Wastegate :D

Ranking System Info

General ranking rules.
All new members will be a “Recruits” until promoted to the rank of "Member".
There is a 7 day trial period where the Recruit should register and introduce themselves on the forums and be reasonably active during that 7 days.

Members are allowed ‘alts’ in the guild and are promoted to “Recruit” if they are below level 20 and “Member” if they are above level 20. There is no trial period.

Warlord and Supreme Commander
The Guild leader is called “Warlord” in Southern Cross and “Supreme Commander” in Southern Citadel and is the highest position in the guild. There may only be one Warlord in Southern Cross and one Supreme Commander in Southern Citadel.

The Dark Council and The Galactic Senate
The Dark Council in Southern Cross and The Galactic Senate in Southern Citadel is made up of the Guild Leaders alts from both guilds. This is for convenience so that members can contact a GM if they are on.

This position is for leaders within the guilds that wish to contribute to running the guild and/or organize PvP/PvE events. They are also expected to conduct themselves in an impartial professional manner should any issues arise are the first point of contact for resolution of issues.
Officers have increased privileges within game such as launching Galactic Conquest, Guild Stronghold management privileges and enhanced Guild Bank access.

Members – lvl 20+
At around the time you finish your Chapter 1 storyline you become a member of Southern Cross / Southern Citadel. All members can recruit and are encouraged to do so, you will also gain access to the members forum section at this rank and Guild Bank access.

Recruits – lvl 1 to 19
Recruit is the entry level rank in the guild. This rank is for all newcomers regardless of their level, to progress from this rank you must show activity for 7 days, register on the guilds forum and introduce yourself, you then will be promoted to the rank of member once you reach level 20+ after this period.
If you joined at level 20+ you are promoted to member after the 7 day period.

The Exile is a guild member who hasn’t logged in for 90 days and has been banished to the Dune Sea for field research. If the member is below level 50 they are also removed from the guild.
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