Guild created on Master Sfrejhsuigasgho (pvp one) (empire)

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Re: Guild created on Master Sfrejhsuigasgho (pvp one) (empire)

Post by holywooden » 19 Apr 2012, 20:39

WasteGate wrote:
Clam wrote:So free transfer are now available. What's the plan?
Check the member announcements :wink:

We have a new guild "The Southern Cross" up and running on Master Dar'Nala with some of the officers online there and adding members.

When your over on the new server hit up an officer for an invite and let us know your character name if it's different.

Operations and organised pvp will return to normal after the 24th April when we have been transferred.

Wastey :D
To clarify what Wastey said, we are continuing to do OPs on Swiftsure while we wait for our transfer.

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