Enchanting 101

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Leo Armstrong
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Enchanting 101

Post by Leo Armstrong » 11 Apr 2014, 22:55

Enchanting is very hard to level, in fact I think it is the hardest to level by far. I am currently at level 11 in Enchanting.

Here are the basic rules.

The ROUND runes determine if the glyph is white, green, blue, purple or yellow. They are color coded so you know which is which. That also makes it the hardest skill to level because if you have none of these you can not make anything. It isn't like ore where you get out your pick mine 100 ore in a day. You won't find 100 of these in a day no matter how much you try. If you find 3-5 it's a good day.
So you will be using these at level 1 and at level 50. The color simply determines the quality of the glyph not the level of the glyph.

Ta = Base White Level 1
Jejota = Fine Green Level 1
Denata = Superior Blue Level 2
Rekuta = Artifact Purple Level 3
Kuta = Legendary Gold Level 4

The TRIANGLE runes determine what you are making. They stay the same from level 1-50. So you will be using the same rune (names listed below) to make a level 1-10 glyph of that type and to make a level 40-50 glyph of that type.

Dekeipa = Frost
Deni = Stamina
Denima = Stamina Regen
Deteri = Armor
Haoko = Disease
Kaderi = Shield
Kuoko = Poison
Makderi = Spell Harm
Makko = Magicka
Makkoma = Magicka Regen
Meip = Shock
Oko = Health
Okoma = Health Regen
Okori = Power
Oru = Alchemist
Rakeipa = Fire
Taderi = Physical Harm

The SQUARE runes determines the glyph level. It is the only thing that determines if you have a glyph for a level 1-10 item or 10-20, or 20-30, or 30-40 or 40-50.

Jora = Develop Trifling Level 1 Level 1—10
Porade = Add Inferior Level 1 Level 5—15
Jera = Increase Petty Level 2 Level 10—20
Jejora = Raise Slight Level 2 Level 15—25
Odra = Gain Minor Level 3 Level 20—30
Pojora = Supplement Lesser Level 3 Level 25—35
Edora = Boost Moderate Level 4 Level 30—40
Jaera = Advance Average Level 4 Level 35—45
Pora = Augment Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Denara = Strenghten Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Rera = Exaggerate Greater Level 6 Level VR1—VR3
Derado = Empower Greater Level 7 Level VR3—VR5
Recura = Magnify Grand Level 8 Level VR5—VR8
Cura = Intensify Monumental Level 9 Level VR8—VR10


If you break a glyph down regardless of its level you get either a round, square or triangle rune out of it. Sometimes you can get 2 of the three. Most often you only get the triangle rune that made it.
So if you find + to Magika glyph and intend on + to magika at level 50 then simply break it down and put the triangle rune it gives you in your bank because you can still use it at level 50. If it gives a round rune then that can also be used at level 50. The only thing that is useless is if you get the square rune because that can only make another glyph of the same level as the glyph you broke down.

Or better still, send them to me so I can break them down for the enchant exp and just ask for triangle run it gives back.

So in short.

At level 50 you will want in your bank:

1: Seven yellow (legendary) round runes. If not yellow then purple or at least blue.

2: The seven TRIANGLE glyphs of the type you want on the gear.

3: The seven Square glyphs that make level 50 glyphs.

Last point. Some runes combinations create glyphs that can only be added to jewelry, others only to weapon and others only to armor. I'm not going to list those combos here.

That gives you the basics of enchanting but if you want a more detailed explanation go here http://tamrieljournal.com/crafting-and- ... nchanting/

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Re: Enchanting 101

Post by WasteGate » 12 Apr 2014, 18:44

Awesome info Leo, thanks!

I'm planning to level enchanting. Currently level 5.

Wastey :D
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Leo Armstrong
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Guild Officer
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Re: Enchanting 101

Post by Leo Armstrong » 13 Apr 2014, 15:24

WasteGate wrote:Awesome info Leo, thanks!

I'm planning to level enchanting. Currently level 5.

Wastey :D

Don't put yourself through it. I am currently stuck at 11. The next skill upgrade I need to get exp from making more glyphs is at level 15. Which means the only way I will get from 11-15 is by breaking glyphs down, That could take 100 glyphs, it could take more and first you have to get the glyph drops. You can't mine them, I cant harvest them. You have to kill mob after mob in the hope it drops a glyph and do that 100 times or more.

If you do level it, it might be best to start at level 50. At least then the glyphs you will be breaking down are level 50 glyphs from level 50 mobs so they should give the most exp for each break down. It is possible the devs planned it this way so players would have a crafting job they could do at level 50 where as clothing/woodworking and so forth are jobs that can be used as you level to 50.

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Re: Enchanting 101

Post by catweazel » 14 Apr 2014, 14:07

glyph loot becomes prevalent at L36 ish.
glyph make/break xp works on the same mechanics as other crafts: share them: 1 make, 1 break

save the >blue+ round ones for Vet sets, there are 10 vet levels, 10 vet levels of craftables.
i'll probably make a V1 set, then stockpile again for a V10 set
(there is no Level 50, you are L49, then DING Vet L1..)

crafting a glyph gives more xp per number of unknown runes used.

have a rune alt to store all the glyphs/runes
I gave up on levelling my rune alt (L9 enc), and started breaking the glyphs on my main (L14 enc)
too much time lost sending mails back and forth

other chat channels indicate a big slow down in advancement from 14-16ish

Leo Armstrong
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Guild Officer
Posts: 267
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Re: Enchanting 101

Post by Leo Armstrong » 15 Apr 2014, 22:29

catweazel wrote: other chat channels indicate a big slow down in advancement from 14-16ish

Yep I am in that now and it is 15 to 20.

I have found character level aoe grind spots to go from level 39-44 and then another for 44-48.

The 39-44 area drops average level glyphs (for items 35-45) which will get you past the first enchanct exp wall
The 44-48 area drops strong level glyphs (for items 40-50) which will get you past the 14-20 enchanct exp wall

I have managed to loot about 60+ glyphs per level of character I gained while I levelled in these two areas.

They are good places to level the skills you have neglected till then.

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