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Plans for GW2!

Posted: 18 Jan 2013, 11:48
by Secro
2013 and the months ahead:
Anet have been posting Q&A and articles on what they plan to do for 2013. Seems pretty promising. Example; WvW is getting a "progression" system and the new best grade of gear (ascendant) is getting put in as well. Along with a whole bunch of AoE rebalnce etc. Sounds good.... ... ths-ahead/

Dev QA transcript 1: ... ranscript/


Fractals and Dungeons are also getting reworked and more rewards based out in the open world.

Lots of changes happening to GW2 this year!



If people want to jump back into the game. WvW is still run nightly on JQ server where competition has been really heating up.

People more interested in PvE, the website has put together a very widely used tool for finding groups.
You can basically post a group for anything, and it will be filled in minutes. Fractals in seconds usually....

Bigman and I still try to play most nights :)

Hope to see some more people online.

Re: Plans for GW2!

Posted: 18 Jan 2013, 14:16
by Fitz
I'll be there, been busy building my custom Iron Man cosplay (YEH IM THAT MUCH OF A NERD :D) but I'm always up for something to do..if they fixed Necros id be playing all the time, but in their current state im just playing with my thief :D

Re: Plans for GW2!

Posted: 11 Nov 2015, 16:11
by Usambara
I've been looking at roping in a few cheapskates to play this as its pretty good for casual.

Anyone here still playing much?

Re: Plans for GW2!

Posted: 09 Dec 2015, 17:05
by Secro
Hi Usa :D

I stopped playing it personally. Anet care more about the gem store than making a decent game.