Trait Changes from Stress Test

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Trait Changes from Stress Test

Post by Beothel » 03 Aug 2012, 10:15


Elite Supplies The Supply Crate has extra med packs and a rifle turret. supplies, Elixir X lasts longer, Mortar has increased range.


Armor Mods Gain +50 Toughness and 33% chance to cause Retaliation for 3 seconds on critical hit. Gain 3 seconds of Retaliation when critically hit. 30 second recharge.
Power Wrench Tool kit skill recharge 20% faster.
Speedy Gadgets Gadget recharges are reduced by 30%. 20%.


Crippling Dissipation (Currently, player Cripples on downed.)

Blood Magic

Blood to Power Gain +90 Power Deal 5% more damage while health is above 90%.
Bloodthirst Siphoning health is more effective. 50% more effective.
Fetid Consumption Each minion can draw one condition every 10 seconds.
Quickening Thirst Move faster while wielding a dagger. Move 10% faster while wielding a main hand dagger, move 5% faster while wielding an off hand dagger.
Vampiric Rituals Wells also siphon health.every time they pulse.


Barbed Precision Critical hits cause Bleeding. have a 66% chance to cause Bleeding.
Deep Breath Warhorn skills recharge 15% faster.and the duration of all warhorn effects is increased.
Pitch Black When you Blind a target, you also apply Confusion. Chill.
Spectral Attunement Spectral skills have longer durations.and grant a small amount of Life Force on use.
Target the Weak Increases 2% increased damage for each condition on a foe.
Weakening Shroud Cast Enfeeble when entering Death Shroud. Cast Enfeebling Blood when entering Death Shroud.
Withering Precision 25% Chance to cause Weakness on critical hits.

Death Magic

Fateful Marks Marks are unblockable. When disabled (Stun, Daze, Knockback, Knockdown, Sink, Float, Fear, Launch) you fear all enemies near you. This effect can only trigger once every 90 seconds.
Greater Marks Increases area of marks.and marks become unblockable.
Reanimator Chance to summon a Jagged Horror whenever you kill an enemy. Summon a Jagged Horror whenever you kill an enemy. 30 second cooldown.

Soul Reaping

Decaying Swarm You are Surrounded by a Locust Swarm at 25% health.
Gluttony Life force fills faster. 5% faster.
Path of Midnight Dark Path recharges 25% faster. All Death Shroud skills recharge 15% faster.
Soul Marks Marks generate life force when triggered. 3% Life Force when triggered.
Speed of Shadows Move Move 15% faster while in Death Shroud.
Strength of Undeath Gain up to +100 Power based on how much life force you have. You do 5% more damage if you have at least 50% Life Force.
Unyielding Blast Life Blast pierces.and causes Vulnerability.


Axe Training Axe damage is increased.and axe cooldowns are reduced by 15%.
Spiteful Talisman Increases focus range.and reduces focus skills cooldowns.


Signet of the Beastmaster Active effects of Signets affect you as well as your pet. also affect you.

Nature Magic

Nature's Vengeance Spirits activate their toggle skill on death. Spirits' activated skills are larger and trigger when the spirit is killed.


Quick Draw Shortbow skills recharge 20% faster. Shortbow and Longbow skills recharge 20% faster.
Trap Potency Conditions caused by Traps last twice as long.and Traps recharge 20% faster.

Wilderness Survival

Master Trapper Trap recharges are reduced by 20%. Incomming disables (Stun, Daze, Knockback, Knockdown, Sink, Float, Fear, Launch) are transfered to your pet. This effect can only trigger once every 90 seconds.
Sword Mastery Sword skills recharge 20% faster. Sword, Greatsword and Spear skills recharge 20% faster.


Momentous Greatsword Gain Might on a critical hit with a greatsword. Gain Might on a critical hit with a greatsword or spear. Greatsword and spear skill recharge 20% faster.
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Re: Trait Changes from Stress Test

Post by Kashak » 03 Aug 2012, 14:17

damn necro got some lovin.
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Re: Trait Changes from Stress Test

Post by Fandin » 03 Aug 2012, 14:35

Warrior buff is nice :)

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