How to Pass your trial!

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How to Pass your trial!

Post#1 » 20 Oct 2012, 20:59

First of all, good luck with your application / trial process, Southern Cross is always looking for friendly, dedicated and skilled members, SC is not a zerg guild and we believe that skill and organized teamwork will beat numbers a vast majority of the tme

As a guild, we want success in high end WvW, sPVP and PvE. However, due to the nature of GW2, we are focusing on being a recognized and feared force in WvW. You should thus have a passion for WvW and be ready to invest some effort in improving your skills, have voice comm setup and be attentive to calls from our commander. GW2 has provided us with a great format in which to have some organised, team based (and fun!) group PVP.

As one of the founders of the Conviction alliance (alliance of Oceanic guilds), we are driving IoJ to be the best server it can be.

Which brings us to your trial, as stated above, we are a WvW focused guild, although it is not mandatory for every member it is certainly something that you should be interested in doing. Active participation and good knowledge of this is going to go a long way towards you becoming a full time member of the guild. This does not mean we do this to the exclusion of all other in game activities, like we said, success in PvE and sPVP is something we strive for as a guild, but WvW is our main focus.

Your activity is something we will also be looking at in your time with us, we want members who are motivated to log on and participate in guild activities, at least 2 or 3 times a week, we are all adults here, we understand that work / family etc comes before video games and we are not asking you to be a basement dwelling nerd (like me), but regular appearances is something we feel is vital be building a strong guild community, we are looking to be a guild of friends, not a guild of strangers

Best of luck with your application / trial, we hope Southern Cross is the guild for you.

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