Rezrer - Mezmer - Accepted

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Rezrer - Mezmer - Accepted

Post by Rezrer » 09 Oct 2012, 18:17

Ashvarsmells - Engineer

1. About You

Please state your

1.1 First Name / Age / Location:
A: Scotty / 30 / Cundletown

1.2 Usual Playtimes:
A: Sat Nights and a few during the week

1.3 Do you know anyone in SC? (Online or in Real Life)
A: Hooked up with a few last night and found them funny and fun to play with.

1.4 How did you hear about SC?
A: was playing with them they told me to have come here

1.5 Are you applying to SC to Raid/PvP or Socialize? Or a combination? Please specify your intentions and also your goals in Guild Wars 2 as a whole
A: Pvp and socialize. Nothing like having a laugh while smashing

1.6 What other MMOs have you played? (feel free to go into detail)
A: Wow, Warhammer

1.7 Any other information you feel comfortable sharing, the more we know about you the more it helps us with our decision! (optional)
A: got a wife and a five year old, makes it hard to be on alot. But when im on its quality gaming time!.

2. About Your Characters

2.1 List your character(s) Name / Profession / Race / Level
A: Rezrer / Mezmer / Tree / 65

2.2 What guilds have you been in? (This doesn't have to be specific to GW2)
A: Bad Taste Spinebreaker wow guild,

3. PvP

3.1 What are your achievements of note in PvP? (high rank / Arena rating / etc)
A: rank 12 in vanilla wow , Season 3 gladiator PMR ftw.

3.2 Have you experienced PVP in a large scale environment, ie, Warhammer Online / Aion / Rift?
A: Warhammer

4. Other Stuff

4.1 Do you have any achievements relavent to your application you'd wish us to note?
A: Too many to list...

4.2 What do you hope to get out of Southern Cross? Why do you think you would make a valuable member?
A: Just a great bunch of people to get on and play with. I make a valuable member because I am good at what I do, Like doing things for others and play support chars extremely well. And of course my sense of humor.

If your application is accepted you may contact an officer in game for your trial, this will go for 2 weeks at which point a final decision will be made by our officers.

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Re: Rezrer - Mezmer

Post by Mooney » 09 Oct 2012, 18:19

always good to see warhammer people, hit up an officer for invite