GooBingoo - Mesmer - Accepted

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GooBingoo - Mesmer - Accepted

Post by GooBingoo » 26 Sep 2012, 19:25

1. About You

Please state your

1.1 First Name / Age / Location:
A: Joseph / 40 something / Sydney

1.2 Usual Playtimes:
A: 8pm till Midnight

1.3 Do you know anyone in SC? (Online or in Real Life)
A: No

1.4 How did you hear about SC?
A: Researched Australian guilds via Google. Have seen them around in many games previously and had a short stint in SC when I played EQ2.

1.5 Are you applying to SC to Raid/PvP or Socialize? Or a combination? Please specify your intentions and also your goals in Guild Wars 2 as a whole
A: Mainly would like to PvP but am also interested in PvE and anything the guild is up to. My goal is to have fun with firends and make new friend while I experience all GW2 has to offer. I plan on trying all classes out to get a feel for them and will possibly level an alt or 2 for variety and to help bring needed classes to WvW.

1.6 What other MMOs have you played? (feel free to go into detail)
A: Started with EQ and played that for almost 10 years. During EQ I wandered off to try Guildwars DAoC and AO. I Moved to EQ2 and then Vanguard. Had a stint in Warhammer Online and DDO. Spent the last year playing Runes Of magic.

1.7 Any other information you feel comfortable sharing, the more we know about you the more it helps us with our decision! (optional)
A:I love gaming and spend way too much time enjoying my hobby. I'm always happy to be involved with guild activities and enjoy helping others where I can. I am friends with Exolve who also applied today.

2. About Your Characters

2.1 List your character(s) Name / Profession / Race / Level
A: Goobingoo / Mesmer / Human / 80

2.2 What guilds have you been in? (This doesn't have to be specific to GW2)
A: In EQ I spent most of my time in Talisman on Tunare. I stayed with them in EQ2 on Najena server but left the game for a while when the max Level was 50 and I ran out of things to do. I returned later and spent a short time in SC but never could get back into the game and the effort required to catch up. Was in a guild called Forgotten Horde for Vanguard and more recently finished up RoM in a guild called Core.

3. PvP

3.1 What are your achievements of note in PvP? (high rank / Arena rating / etc)
A: Not much to date. I did quite well on RoM leader boards but the scoring system was a little funky.

3.2 Have you experienced PVP in a large scale environment, ie, Warhammer Online / Aion / Rift?
A: I experienced Warhammer Online and Runes Of Magic could possibly be considered large scale.

4. Other Stuff

4.1 Do you have any achievements relavent to your application you'd wish us to note?
A: I have held officer positions in a few previous guilds.

4.2 What do you hope to get out of Southern Cross? Why do you think you would make a valuable member?
A: I hope to find a nicely populated active guild in SC. I hope it's a place I can feel welcome and a place that I continually want to be involved. I'd make a valuable member because I am peaceful and helpful. My main priority is fun and I always try to be respectful towards others while enhancing our experiences together.

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Re: GooBingoo - Mesmer

Post by Mooney » 26 Sep 2012, 19:43

Accepted, contact an officer for your trial :)