[36] Sith Warrior/Marauder - Rèlic

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[36] Sith Warrior/Marauder - Rèlic

Post#1 » 10 Feb 2012, 23:58

1. About You

Please state your

1.1 First Name / Age / Location:
A:Constant / 20 / Australia, Queensland, Brisbane

1.2 Usual Playtimes: (this will help us gauge future raid/pvp times)
A:5pm -12am

1.3 Do you know anyone in SC? (Online or in Real Life)
A: Online

1.4 How did you hear about SC?
A: Met a GM while questing

1.5 Are you applying to SC to Raid/PvP or Socialize? Or a combination? Please specify your intentions and also your goals in ToR as a whole.
A: A combination, I love PvP but raids and socializing, creates an enjoyable time to play with people you get ot know and regularly play with

2. About Your Characters

2.1 List your character(s) Name / Advanced Class / Race / Level:
A: Rèlic / Marauder / Sith / 36

2.2 List your character(s) crafting professions:
A: Biochem / Bionalasys / Diplomacy

2.3 What guilds have you been in? And why have you left or intend on leaving them?
A: None, This is my first guild

3. Other Stuff

3.1 Are you applying with any other guilds at the moment?
A: No

3.2 What do you hope to get out of Southern Cross? Why do you think you would make a valuable member?
A: Socialising and assisting with PvP/Raids/ and helping out new players

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Re: [36] Sith Warrior/Marauder - Rèlic

Post#2 » 11 Feb 2012, 05:42

Welcome to Southern Cross

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Re: [36] Sith Warrior/Marauder - Rèlic

Post#3 » 11 Feb 2012, 20:38

Hi I am now level 38 if that makes a difference =]

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