27 - Bounty Hunter/Mercenary - Seudo

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27 - Bounty Hunter/Mercenary - Seudo

Post by pseudo1 » 21 Jan 2012, 23:17

1.1 First Name / Age / Location:
A: Craig/24/Sydney

1.2 Usual Playtimes: (this will help us gauge future raid/pvp times)
A: Daytime including weekends. Some Night during the week

1.3 Do you know anyone in SC? (Online or in Real Life)
A: No

1.4 How did you hear about SC?
A: In game. Guild wikis

1.5 Are you applying to SC to Raid/PvP or Socialize? Or a combination? Please specify your intentions and also your goals in ToR as a whole.
A: Combination. HM Flashpoints, end game stuff when hitting 50.

2. About Your Characters

2.1 List your character(s) Name / Advanced Class / Race / Level:
A: Suedo/ Mercenary/ Rattataki / 27

2.2 List your character(s) crafting professions:
A: Armstech, Scavenging, Slicing

2.3 What guilds have you been in? And why have you left or intend on leaving them?
A: Currently in Hyperspace Pub Crawlers on PvE server. No PvP equivalent.

3. Other Stuff

3.1 Are you applying with any other guilds at the moment?
A: No

3.2 What do you hope to get out of Southern Cross? Why do you think you would make a valuable member?
A: Friendly, Aussie based people who are around for fun and games during end game Swtor. Speccing in Merc healing and everyone loves healers :)