I don't get it

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Leo Armstrong
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I don't get it

Post by Leo Armstrong » 23 Jun 2012, 20:54

Hi folkes,

Been taking a break from SWTOR but I'm not leaving that game. I'm staying there.

However I am playing Diablo 3 and have a Witch Doctor that is up to Hell Level act 2 on American servers so not sure if i can play with you folkes anyway.

Here is what I don't get.

What is the actualy END GAME?

Why am I farming zones over and over again to find better items just to farm the next zone over and over again?

For example.

In an MMO you grind raids dungeons over and over again to get the best item to do bigger raid dungeons. Here you are repeating the same dungeons.

In an MMO you grind Warzones over and over again to get the best PVP gear to do Ranked Warzones or simply to be able to compete against premades as best you can. D3 has NO WARZONES.

Am I missing something?

Once you grind your way to good enough gear for the last act of Inferno, then what?

Is there an end game? Will there be PVP warzone/scenarios type things?

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Re: I don't get it

Post by Fitz » 23 Jun 2012, 23:22

D3 is there to keep us from not going postal in the streets until we have a release date for Guildwars 2, at which stage, the e-peen flexing fun of a new MMO will be born.

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Re: I don't get it

Post by Demandread » 24 Jun 2012, 18:22

In short, because its fun.

The diablo series has always been about the hunt for the best gear and although it means constantly farming the same areas it has managed to remain relatively entertaining for a lot of players. There will also be pvp arena released in an upcoming patch to add another dimension to the game.

Just play it untill you get bored imo.

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Re: I don't get it

Post by Secro » 24 Jun 2012, 18:29

It's not an MMO Leo :P

It's basically the same as D2's "end-game" except replace grinding to 99 with grinding for perfect gear.

The only pvp planned is some sort of arena that blizz hasn't said much about.

We are all on the american servers - you can find our battletags on this forum.
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Re: I don't get it

Post by simonsmp » 01 Jul 2012, 10:15

I wondered the exact same thing, getting kinda bored at level 40 ish though :( Only play it when I cbf thinking for sc2 haha
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