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Post by Noose » 30 May 2012, 00:45

So, I'm enjoying farming Inferno act I with my Witchy, but I think I'm gonna step it up a notch when there's nobody else around (seeing as I have 2 weeks holidays left, and another week and a half til another GW2 beta).

Time to try a hardcore toon.

As those I've played with will know, I die a LOT but that doesn't phase me. I've been watching some twitch tv's and youtube's of hardcore gamers and I think I'm as good as them as far as knowing what to do and what not to do. All I lack is patience, and nothing better to teach me that than HC.

I'm also gonna add a degree of difficulty and play a sorc, cos the other classes I either know or get bored from.

I'll keep you posted with my progression, if I make any. ;)
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Re: HardCaw!

Post by Spoticus » 30 May 2012, 03:05

I have a lowby hardcore wizard.

Unfortunately the biggest threats at least until act 2 hell will be lag, disconnects and the biggest issue for me is complete FPS lock ups.

I have had maybe 10 deaths on my monk to lag or disconnects, most of which could of been avoided if playing cautiously. Unfortunately I have had 30+ deaths as a result of the entire game pausing for 1-5 seconds. Its very inconsistent and probably a driver issue or something as I am playing on a laptop at the moment, but it basically makes any HC toon destined to die until I work it out :(

That said, I'm keen, in moderation anyway.
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